Monday, 21 June 2010

New e-zine! First issue is out!

New e-zine! Yay!

I´m so happy to share with you my new personal project: my e-zine! Download it here, it´s free!

It´s best viewed printed on paper, front and back, with a total of two pages. Then two simple little folds and you´re off!

get my new e-zine

Check it out and when you´re done, drop me a line with your comments. I´m looking forward to reading them!


Ri said...

sempre a surpreender... sempre MUITO criativa!!!
billyzinha... ADOREI!!! :)

Billy said...

Oh, Ri, obrigada! :) Mega-fofo.

Ana said...

Parabéns!!!! Já imprimi a minha cópia!

Jesse said...

I love it! For a few moments I felt like I'd moved to different country :)

Billy said...

Boa! :)

Thank you Jesse! I´m glad you liked it. I hope it brings you some warmth during the winter. :)