Thursday, 29 January 2009

Some knitting | Algo de tricot

Mittens for C
While I was away in Portugal I completed a couple of small projects. These mittens are one of them, based on this pattern.

I also knit a pair of legwarmers for my sister, which sadly I didn´t have time to capture on photograph as I finished them just before leaving.

Now, after reading this, it led me to this piece of temptation and since then I found the appropriate yarn in my stash (and in enough quantity to knit a sweater. It was what it was intended for when I bought, I just never found - until now, that is - the right pattern for it. I started it and so far I´m enjoying it, even if it summer and the temperatures are high.

If I get too desperate with the hot weather and a bulky sweater-to-be sitting on my lap as I knit it, I´ll go fetch one of these new yarns:

new stash items

and knit myself a pair of socks.


Enquanto estive em Portugal, limitei-me a tricotar projectos pequenos para ter a certeza de que os terminava sem ter de os trazer de volta para a Argentina. Por um lado, eram presentes para pessoas do outro lado do oceano; por outro, gente, já foi toda uma odisseia fechar a mala tal como estava.

Quando cheguei a casa, quis actualizar as minhas leituras bloguísticas e vi neste blog uma ligação para este pedaço de mau caminho, tricoticamente falando, claro está.

Uma escavação na lã acumulada revelou quantidade e qualidade semelhante à pedida para a receita e já está nas agulhas, apesar do calor. Mas, se algum dia me cansar de ter uma pequenina ovelhinha em forma de camisola no meu colo, vou buscar uma das minhas aquisições mais recentes para começar um pequenino par de meias. Tricotar é um vício mesmo.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The reasons to my absence...

...are plenty, but let´s begin with the beginning.

Christmas, as I know it, needs cold weather, family, fireplace and hot chocolate - that´s something we couldn´t get here in Buenos Aires (Christmas with warm weather? It must be fun, but...) so we flew to Portugal to spend some time there with family and friends.

But Christmas wasn´t the only reason to fly home (or, shall I say, "one of our homes").

This was the reason:

My Prince and I got married in the end of 2008, right between Christmas and New Year´s Eve. It was a very intimate and beautiful ceremony and I´m thankful to have been given a chance to celebrate it just the way we wanted.

And because I probably have the bestest friends in the whole world, my "bachelorette party" was filled with laughter, fun, dance, good food, good company and mostly love. Love from those that could be there and love from those that couldn´t make it, because my dear godmothers organized the even-better-than-best present ever:

If you´re wondering what this is, it´s a chinese mailbox filled with messages sent by friends all over the world.

(Guys, if you´re reading this, let me tell you that I had tears in my eyes while reading some of your letters and laughed out loud while reading others. Thank you, thank you so much.)

The letters were so touching: there were photographs, there were real letters, there were to-do lists... All the messages were so "on equity" (Paulo would love to hear me using this expression!) with the people who wrote them. They were great and I could hear and feel you right beside me.

Well, last but not least, the broader family was increased with a new member as my second niece was born in Lisbon, on January 11th. She is doing fine and giving her parents and sister better nights already.

So, as you can see, there were lots of reasons to be away from the computer. I´m now back to Buenos Aires, away from my auntie-duties (and missing them), ready to resume my blogging action as usual. 2009 looks as it will be a great year, despite of all the negative crisis-talks.

Life is good.


Para ler em português, aqui.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Kung hei fat choi!

Happy Lunar New Year, happy year of the Ox!

I´m back to Buenos Aires and blogging will resume its normal activity very soon (maybe after lunch).

See you then!


Feliz Ano Novo Lunar do Búfalo!

Estou de volta a Buenos Aires e a actividade bloguística será retomada proximamente (talvez depois do almoço).

Até lá!