Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The magic of music | A magia da música

Yesterday was a day packed full with emotions. It doesn´t happen everyday, so I think it is good to celebrate it. The day started with rather sad news, which are part of life too. The fact that they came early in the day and first in the sequence of events might have had an impact too.

In the afternoon I had my painting class, the last one of the year. Summer break is starting as of next week and regular scheduled classes will only resume in March, so it is a rather long time without these weekly meetings. The final session was to be a special one, with our model dancing.

For the final exercise, the chosen music was very special to me, as I had brought those CD´s myself. I´ve already mentioned it here, actually, but still it amazed me to see how people responded to the music. We were painting and dancing and enjoying the music and the results were so beautifully different. On the analysis that follows these sessions, where we see and comment on everyone´s work, more than one mentioned the music´s impact.

It´s very difficult to describe it, I believe. There are some things that can only be lived, not told.

More images here. And Rodrigo Leão´s website here.


Sobre este episódio escrevi, em português, no meu blog pessoal. Porque não vale a pena repetir, leiam aqui.

Mais fotografias do trabalho realizado ontem na aula de pintura, aqui. E ainda o site do músico autor desta música maravilhosa, Rodrigo Leão.

Monday, 24 November 2008

New website online | Novo site

I couldn´t be happier to share that my new website is now online here. There you can see my design work as well as illustration projects.

Please drop by and do send me a line with your comments, requests or suggestions.

Thank you all for your support!

Other links you may be interested in: my flickr page and my personal blog (in portuguese).


Que alegria sinto por poder anunciar que o meu novo site está online! Contém projectos de design e também de ilustração.

Convido-vos a passar por lá e a fazer os vossos comentários, sugestões e pedidos para o meu email.

Bem hajam!

Outros espaços meus: no flickr e o meu blog pessoal.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Alerta planeta

alerta planeta
This was my submission to Revista Colectiva´s "Alerta Planeta" call for entries. Sadly it didn´t get selected but I loved working on it. It goes around my favourite action to save the planet. I used to work in a studio where there was this reproduction (of what was possibly an engraving) accompanied by this simple but powerful idea: "slowing down may be the single, most effective way to save the world". I thought this was a really good approach to the problem and try to remember it every time I get too stressed about work or lack of time to do it. This idea is so powerful that I´ve been applying it to more than a few projects, not only back in university but also later, on my professional life. I love it and try to live by it, as much as possible.

Click here to see it bigger.

Esta foi a ilustração com que concorri para o novo número da Revista Colectiva, com o tema "Alerta Planeta". Apesar de não ter sido seleccionada, diverti-me muito a fazê-la. Gira à volta de uma ideia que me é muito cara e que ficou para sempre gravada em mim desde que a vi, pendurada na parede do atelier onde trabalhei uns anos, e que tinha uma reprodução de uma ilustração (talvez uma gravura?) com uma frase por baixo: "slowing down may be the single, most effective way to save the world".

Esta ideia ficou tão entranhada no meu espírito que acho que é das que mais me marcou, não só na maneira de trabalhar (porque me obriga a organizar-me para não ter de fazer tudo à pressa) como no quotidiano. Este não foi o primeiro projecto que subordinei a este tema, e seguramente não será o último.

Para ver a ilustração maior, aqui.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

More Christmas knitting | Prendas de Natal

Wedge II_08
Inspite of the very hot weather I managed to finish my second Wedge Scarf. It collected compliments everywhere I knitted it, so I think my list of "to-knit" keeps growing. Birthday presents, Christmas presents, this scarf is definitely a good option, being a simple yet beautiful pattern.

See more photos here.


Apesar do calor que se tem feito sentir nos últimos dias, consegui terminar o segundo cachecol Wedge. Este é o segundo de três que estou a fazer para prenda de Natal, mas a lista continua a crescer já que de cada vez que tirava o cachecol do saco para continuar a tricotar recebia um elogio. Ou seja, a lista de candidatas ao cachecol continua a crescer! E como adoro a receita, acho que não vai ser difícil convencer-me a tricotar mais uns quantos.

Mais fotografias do cachecol aqui.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

On my desk

Or, better said, on the floor. It´s a detail of a painting from last monday´s class and it is there, on the floor, way past "drying thoroughly" into "keeping me company" and "where should I put it"-modes. We had a dancing model last monday and the resulting images are... I´m lacking the adjectives so I better just invite you to see them here.

I´m not sure if the pictures show all the emotion that is enclosed in each and every paiting, but I hope they will. I don´t think I can part with them right now, so I´ll leave them on the floor for the time being. They´ll be "on my desk" for a couple more days.

See more desks over at kootoyoo´s.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Cool Iris

If you haven´t heard about it, head on over to Cool Iris. Download it, follow the instructions and have fun browsing images and video, I mean, have fun researching images for your next project.

Man, the people who create these things? Wow.


Para quem não conhece, ala para o site Cool Iris, sem passar pela casa da partida nem receber dois contos. É muito fácil de instalar e não há que ter medos. Pesquisar imagens e vídeo nunca foi tão divertido!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Sewing, sewing | Costuras

Me, sewing? Hmmm.

Even I doubted but now that it is finished I´m quite proud of myself. A couple of years ago I wouldn´t have had the time to delve into it nor the belief that I could push another medium-boundary. Well, it´s good to live to prove yourself wrong, isn´t it?

It´s a logo for a new shop. I´ll post (and direct you to it) once it is up and running.


Costuras? Quem, eu? Um expressivo "hmm" de dúvida e cepticismo.

Esta seria a minha cara há uns anos atrás, quando não tinha nem tempo, nem paciência nem sequer a convicção de que poderia usar a costura (com resultados satisfatórios) como técnica para a ilustração e o design.

Este trabalho é o da nova identidade gráfica para uma loja online que abrirá em breve.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Making of Peony


I just posted a new "making of" series of images here. It´s from the other day´s peony papercut. Can you tell that I´m loving peonies this spring?


Mora aqui uma nova série "making of" de uma ilustração em papel cortado que fiz a semana passada.

Acho que estou totalmente contagiada por esta febre primaveril que conquistou Buenos Aires, neste momento cheia de jacarandás em flor. Viva a Primavera!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

On my desk

On my desk:

- a papercut in progress
- german class homework
- herbal tea
- my heart, jumping with joy for the good news that are arriving from the north of this amazing continent

These are small big things that are making me happy today.