Monday, 24 January 2011

Uh oh...

These last few days I´ve been trying to give my portfolio website a revamp. It needed some updating, and since I was jumping into the wordpress pool to do it, I´d also change theme and refresh things a bit.

I think wordpress is a great platform, full of people who work for free or on a donation basis. It´s open coded and everything, and expandable ad infinitum.

But it just does not work for me. All my experiences with wordpress have been terribly complicated, even if the instructions provided (again, for free) are very detailed. To cut a long story short, I´ve made up my mind - though I grief for the loss of the look I really wanted for my portfolio - and am moving to blogger.

So, sometime in the near future, this blog will be effectively morphed into my portfolio site (something I wanted to do with my previous portfolio site, with no success).

I think wordpress is great - just not for me. And I´m very sorry for that.

Any comments or suggestions regarding portfolio sites and blogging platforms? Please let me know!

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