Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Some recent work I can show

Final piece

Sometimes it is frustrating not being able to show the projects I´ve been working on because, well, they´re still projects and they´re still secret. This one, though, I can show. It´s an invitation I made for my youngest niece´s baptism next September. And I´ll attend it!

Her name is Clara, which reminded me of light, which I made the starting point for the papercuts. I worked them on double sided origami paper. Each side has a different, contrasting colour, and this is a feature I love because it brings double results with one cut only. The best part, though, is to frame the originals in one of those see-through (or glass against glass) frames, because just by fliping sides you can get a new papercut.

The whole "making of" sequence is here. Enjoy!


Andrea said...

qué lindo!!!!!!!

Me gustan muchas (casi todas, dirìa) las cosas que haces, pero tus trabajos en papel... ahhh!

Billy said...

Gracias Andre!

(y, de paso, te pregunto, que es lo que no te gusta en lo que hago? Hmm? Mirá que si querés perder tu lugar en los brindis... ;) )