Thursday, 3 April 2008

Yesterday there was nothing on my desk

Yesterday was a holiday here so I didn´t even turn the computer on. I spent most of the day reading and knitting. And then watching a movie. And that was it. I love it when I can laze like that and holidays in the middle of the week are the absolute perfect excuse.

Maybe my knitting will show up later on my desk. And I´m very happy about the reading part too: I´m reading a book in german, and so far so good! I thought it would be a bit more difficult but at this point I didn´t have to check the dictionary every third word. I don´t understand each and every word, but, then again, I don´t have to.

I still have german homework to do as this semester we´re preparing ourselves for an exam and our teacher gives us lots of material to review and study. That´s good, it´s like gymnastics for the brain. And knitting is like yoga for the brain.

Oh, I love holidays!


Ontem foi feriado cá na Argentina. Aproveitei a pausa da semana para ler, ler, ler e tricotar, tricotar e tricotar. Sou principiante no tricot e portanto ainda perco algum tempo a adaptar as instruções da revista às minhas medidas, a ajustar a tensão da linha, etc etc. Mas divirto-me!

No campo das leituras, estou a ler um livro em alemão, no âmbito da preparação que temos de fazer este semestre para o exame que se avizinha. Ler em alemão não é inédito para mim, mas também não é totalmente evidente. Apesar de tudo, está a ser mais fácil do que pensava e estou a gostar da história do livro.

Valham-nos os feriados à quarta-feira para uma bela pausa no meio da semana. Sabe tão bem!


Cooking My Life said...

Midweek holidays are really special gifts. Glad to hear you were wise enough to use it as a holiday too!

I'll wait to see the knitting take shape. Fall is coming for you!

Billy said...

Midweek holidays are so good, aren´t they? Fridays and Mondays are good too, but then it´s "just" an extra weekend-day.

Midweek one can really appreciate the holiday-thing, right?