Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My so called Hemlock Blanket post-blocking

My very own version of the Hemlock Blanket is now blocked and sitting produly on the couch - or my back, in fact. The energic blocking was effective and it is now flat (-ish), wonderfully soft and I just feel like hugging it the whole time. Once again, after the owls sweater, this wool (Pura lana from Milana, a shop here in Buenos Aires) has proved to soften up and become wearable - almost next to the skin.

I love my new blanket and I´ll consider giving the pattern a second go, to see if I ever get the feathers and fans right. Still, I totally love my blanket - I love it a lot more than I thought I would!

More photos here.


Gaby said...

Qué bonita, Billy!!!
Cuantas madejas te llevó?

Billy said...

Gracias, Gaby! Me llevó un poco más que dos madejas, pero eran muy grandes.

Andrea said...

preciosa, me encanta en blanco.