Wednesday, 5 March 2008

On my desk, on Wednesday

Well, after seeing what´s on other desks (kootoyoo´s and loobylu´s, here´s what´s on mine: sketch book, planner, laptop, my dear and precious tablet and some books on the corner.

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

(and I´m still having trouble with the K key!)


Kirsty said...

Oooh, I'd really like to see inside your sketch book the sketches look lovely from a distance. Thanks for playing along.

Maureen said...

Ooooooh, what a great tablet. I have a small one but I've never used it. I bought it for the bundled software that came with it.

Such an immaculate looking desk. ;-)

Billy said...

Thanks Kirsty! :)

Maureen, the secret to an immaculate looking desk is to crop out all the clutter from the picture...

Have a nice weekend!

Maureen said...

Yes, I loved Portugal to answer you. We do want to go back but perhaps in slightly warmer weather or drier weather.

I do know about cropping; I need to know more about cleaning. ;-)

Billy said...

Oh... me too, Maureen!!! :D